Hello to my fellow weavers and the world out there!

Wow, this is all new to me! I’ve never seen and still don’t see myself as this ‘big writer’ or even ‘blogger’. Even texting and tweets take effort.

Yes, I know I’m talkative, all-right  that’s an understatement…my words tumble out like beer bottles on a brewery conveyer belt. Weird…that’s the picture that just came to mind. How will I express myself on paper then? I’m a picture-person. I need my hands and eyes to bring across emotion, observations, words and ideas. I can’t even think and type at the same time. On top of it all, I have to write in my second language, vocabulary and grammar makes me nervous…I read Reader’s Digests under the desk during English class at school.

So, why then even bother doing this?

That will hopefully become apparent when I share & show more & more…


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